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We’ve recently moved the Michael Ratner Memorial Lecture Series (MRM) to the Windy City. It seems fitting since my late husband, Michael, and I were born and raised in Chicago. But more importantly is the fact that Chicago doesn’t have a monthly lecture series which emphasizes prevention, cutting-edge scientific and alternative treatments, and optimal health through the the latest research-based findings that promote wellness. We pride ourselves with finding the most innovative experts in specific health-related fields to share their wisdom and philosophies with the community. 
Our lecture series has been successful for the past eight years. We’ve assisted people from all over the United States from our core base in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission hasn’t changed, only our location.

Space is limited!
For more information, contact:
Terry Ratner, RN, MFA, at 602-527-3776.
Check out our website at: www.mrmlectureseries.com



“Writing about loss allowed me to release emotions which were buried for years. I wrote three essays about my late husband, Aaron, which brought about a living resurrection of his life and our life together. Confronting the painful loss brought about new perspectives, a general sense of peace, and the beginning of inner healing.”
-Loretta Mall

Terry Ratner's writing class enabled me to confront my deepest feelings, regrets, sorrows, joys, and to translate those emotions onto paper. We learned to workshop (share) our writings in an environment conducive to learning. There were times when healing was shared among us—NOT with words, but with a closeness felt between people connected by loss.”
-Carolyn Lounsbury, RN