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The Making of a Nurse
by Tilda Shalof

Nursing is a private club where initiations take place during the first few years of practice-a world often misrepresented and misunderstood by others. Tilda Shalof, an intensive care nurse in Toronto, Canada with twenty-five years of experience, has captured the intimate world of nursing in her new book, The Making of a Nurse.

Shalof begins with, "My patient's name is Joe, or so he says, and I am his nurse. His chart states his name as Zbigniew Zwiezynskow and under place of residence, there is merely a sad trio of letters: NFA-no fixed address. He's feverish, delirious, and so violent that he may try to kill me if I decide to release him from the restraints we've placed on his arms and legs. But medically his condition is improving. Today, all day, Joe is my patient. His heartbeats, urine output, breaths, cough, skin, dirty fingernails and wild, greasy hair are all my concern. I will enter his world and for the next twelve hours, minute by minute, I will dwell with him there."

The Making of a Nurse is a potpourri of drama, introspection, personalized with a touch of analysis that never loses the readers attention. It's a page-turner, compelling and beautifully written, naked and vulnerable-filled with stories of the heart. Some are disturbing, while others are thought provoking, but all of them read with an energy that depicts the nursing profession. This is a must-read for nursing students, nurses, and anyone wanting to capture the environment of a nurse-a world in which each day is an ongoing confrontation with illness and death.

McClelland & Stewart
$10.00 (paperback)