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Privileged Presence: Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care
by Liz Crocker, M.Ed, BA Bev Johnson, RN, BSN

Privileged Presence, a collection of over 50 essays, uses real-world experiences recounted by patients and their families, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. It’s a timely book, reflecting on what works and what doesn’t, what increases or diminishes people’s sense of confidence and wellbeing. Some stories offer comfort, while others spotlight the compassion of clinicians—their courage and willingness to make a change in hospital policy or practice.

Authors, Liz Crocker, Vice President of the Institute for Family Care, whose working career includes teaching, broadcasting and writing, and Johnson, a registered nurse and President of the Institute of Family Care, echo the importance of honoring the uniqueness of patients and their families—their concerns and values.

The stories, powerful and engaging, capture the sensitivities of people’s lives—their sufferings, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Readers will meet a nurse who delights in seeing her staff bring a husband and wife together, a young woman left alone in labor, and a hospital administrator dealing with the tragedy of medical error. Privileged Presence is a “must read” for nurses, student nurses, administrators, policy makers, patients and families—anyone who wants to be inspired.

Bull Publishing Company
$16.95 (paperback)