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In West Africa, when a person in the village becomes sick, the Healer will ask,
"When was the last time that you sang? When was the last time that you danced?
When was the last time that you shared a story?"


Writing and Speaking Services

Families and loved ones-the circle of survivors are often forgotten in the aftermath of tragedy. They are in every waiting room of hospital ERs and ICUs across our country. They are in the schools, the workplace, and in the midst of our communities. Grieving people carry an invisible sorrow. We are everywhere.

Writing about traumatic events allows us to move easily amidst the uncertainty, ambiguity and sadness we encounter. For writing to heal, we must confront something that puzzles, troubles, or pains us. It's a necessary life-support system, as it allows us to resurface, breathe, and grasp something that is deeper and stiller within ourselves.

Speaking Engagements

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops


  • Writing as Coping for Healthcare Providers
  • Healing Through Writing
  • Nursing Narratives
  • Writing Through Illness

I create custom-designed seminars and workshops.

Freelance Writing

  • Interviews
  • Cover Stories
  • Personal memoir
  • Book Reviews
  • Travel articles
  • Health-related topics
  • Essays

*Photojournalism (Visual Storytelling)

What is healing, but a shift in perspective?
MARK DOTY, Heaven's Coast

Writing Classes

Creative writing-classes offered in traditional and nontraditional settings.

  • Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
  • Writing About Loss
  • Talking Pictures (exploring who we are through words and images)
  • Writing the Medical Experience
  • Writing About Death Without Sentimentality
  • Memoir Grief Recovery

Ghost Writing

  • Nursing books
  • Travel destination books
  • Health books

Creative Critiques (editing)

  • Essays
  • Memoir
  • Health Writing
  • Web Editing



Why I write about loss:

Why I write about nursing:

"Terry is as much a teacher as an editor. When she critiques a manuscript of yours, the lessons carry forward to everything else you write. She doesn't miss anything, either the before and after differences are striking.
- Philip Levitt, M.D. (Florida)

"Based on her excellent writing skills and nursing experience, I commissioned Terry Ratner to act as editor for an anthology of stories by nurses for nurses. She selected and edited the stories, and she wrote an introduction to the anthology. She was given an extremely ambitious schedule, which she was able to meet due to her diligence and commitment. I highly recommend Ms. Ratner for future editorial projects."
- Shannon Berning

"Terry has written several articles for me for nursing publications. Her work has always been outstanding. Terry is especially good at writing heartwarming stories that touch people's hearts."
- Cynthia Saver

"Terry Ratner has done wonderful job supporting our Tobacco Free initiative by connecting patients, visitors and employes with educational materials, activities, and resources to help them stop smoking."
- Leslie Seubert